About Publisher

We entered the world of postcards brightly, since
the first step everything was put on
quality and originality

Happy Apple

In the bright leafy world we succeeded to enter brightly. As from the first step all was put on quality and originality of that we do.
Beginning from 1995 and to this day high quality of our products is unchanging guaranteed by the last name of director and founder of firm, entered in a knowable logotype. The cut apple is our talisman, our happy, brandname letter of "F", from which begins the word "fortune".
And Fortune ordered that already the greeting card was a success. It was an author's photo composition with a rose in a glass. Now its one and only unsold copy, framed in a valuable box, has taken her place of honor in the director's office.

And the magic of roses

Roses dominate our leaflets because they have an unprecedented power over people's preferences. They are rich in colors and delicate pastels on paper.
And soon the most beautiful feelings in the hearts of those who willingly sign and give the cards and those who receive those cards will blossom.
That is why we love our work and receive from it great creative satisfaction and true fullness of life.